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The Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women's Conference

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Meeting link will NOT be active until November 13 @ 8:30am. 

Event Details

Event Details

  • Introductions

  • Opening keynotes

  • Discussion panel

  • Agenda selection process

  • Legislation topics - Group 1 (with Q&A)

  • Legislation topics - Group 2 (with Q&A)

  • Legislation topics - Group 3 (with Q&A)

  • Close

  • Optional breakouts


Senator Chris Van Hollen

United States Senator - Maryland

Senator Van Hollen.jpg

Elected to the United States Senate by the people of Maryland in November 2016, Chris Van Hollen is committed to fighting every day to ensure that our state and our country live up to their full promise of equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity.


Senator Van Hollen started his time

in public service as a member of the Maryland State Legislature, where he became known as a tenacious advocate for everyday Marylanders and someone who was unafraid to take on powerful special interests on behalf of working people. In 2002, he was elected to represent Maryland's 8th Congressional District. In the House of Representatives, he served as a member of the Democratic leadership and was elected by his colleagues to be the Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee and protect vital interests like Social Security and Medicare.


A tireless fighter for the people of Maryland, Senator Van Hollen has also become known for working hard to find common sense solutions to difficult national issues.  In January 2015, he released a comprehensive plan to address the problem of growing inequality in America and provide a blueprint for building an economy that works for everyone, a goal that he will continue to fight for in the U.S. Senate.


Chris Van Hollen is a graduate of Swarthmore College, the John F. Kennedy School of Public Policy at Harvard University, and Georgetown University Law Center where he attended night school.  He and his wife, Katherine Wilkens, are the proud parents of three children, Anna, Nicholas, and Alexander.

Leana S. Wen, MD MSc FAAEM

Public Health Professor, George Washington University

Leana S. Wen, MD MSc FAAEM

Public Health Professor, George Washington University

Leana Wen.jpg

Post newsletter, "The Checkup with Dr. Wen".

Previously, she served as Baltimore’s health commissioner, where she led the nation’s oldest continuously-operating public health department. She is the author of the patient advocacy book,  When Doctors Don’t Listen: How to Avoid Misdiagnoses and Unnecessary Tests (St. Martin’s Press, 2013) and a new memoir, Lifelines: A Doctor’s Journey in the Fight for Public Health (Metropolitan Books, July 2021).


Dr. Wen lives with her husband and two young children in Baltimore.

Dr. Leana Wen is an emergency physician, public health professor at George Washington University, and nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. She is also a CNN medical analyst and contributing columnist for The Washington Post, where she writes a weekly column and anchors the new

Myles Hicks

Executive Director | Maryland Rise

Myles Hicksjpg.jpg

Myles currently serves as the Executive Director of Maryland Rise, a nonprofit working to promote economic opportunity for all Marylanders. One of his priorities is to pass paid family and medical leave legislation in Maryland. To support this effort, Myles serves as the Campaign Manager of the Time to Care Coalition. Myles graduated from the

University of Maryland, College Park in 2017 where he was a Rawlings Undergraduate Leadership Fellow. He continues to engage with his community during his free time. He was a 2020 Fellow of the New leader Council’s (NLC) Maryland Chapter and currently serves on the board as curriculum co-chair.'

Ana Rodney 

Executive Director at  MOMCares

Ana Rodney.png

Ana Rodney is a practicing Doula for nearly 15 years , a yoga instructor, energy healer, and wellness practitioner based in Baltimore City. She’s Executive Director + Founder of MOMCares + the Rising Mama, a wellness organization that centers mothers in the delivery of care and support to the entire family unit. Ana has spoken and led workshops

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Prepping for the Conference

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Because the conference is virtual, there are some key things we need you to do leading up to the event. 

  1. Install or update Zoom on your laptop. A laptop is preferred over a phone, to take full advantage of the conference. If possible, please use a device with a camera, so that we can engage with you. Click here to install Zoom ( 

  2. This is a paid event and not open to the general public, as such, we want to make sure you can get into the event without problem. As you are installing Zoom, please make sure your Zoom screen name matches the name you used to register for the conference. If you have Zoom already installed, you can simply go to the website, log in and change your screen name under the PROFILE button. 

Need Tech Help?

Need help during the conference? We've got you covered. You can use the chat feature and communicate directly with TECH SUPPORT, or you can return to this page any time and click the TECH SUPPORT button above!

How To Zoom

Zoom Overview

Meeting Etiquette

Here are guidelines for how you show up and make the most of the event.

1. WEBCAM ETIQUETTE: With most virtual events, video is one-way. This makes it harder for the host, as well as other attendees. We ask that you enable your webcam during this event, as your speakers will be able to see you, and feel your energy.  PS – Be aware of your surroundings (for example, if you need to use the restroom during the live sessions, and you take your computer with you so you can still hear us, be sure to turn off your audio and video

2. ENGAGE: Due to the size of the conference, we ask that you keep your microphone muted during the main session, but please use the CHAT feature (a button on your Zoom panel) to engage with us. Add comments, respond to questions, provide additional information and ask questions. We will monitor chat throughout the event and will respond where and when we can.

3. BEING PRESENT: Really “listen” to the speakers: Being present is the best gift you can give yourself! Resist the urge to take tons of notes (versus listening for and capturing big takeaways). Keep your phones on do not disturb and turn your email notifications off to minimize distractions. If you have children, set up a play area where you can keep an eye on them while they are self-entertaining.

4. YOUR BEST YOU: Listen to your body: be your best self: Eat healthy and stay hydrated and

caffeinated! Plan ahead to have snacks on hand.

5. EXPANSION: Take the time during networking breaks and breakouts to connect with fellow attendees.

6. QUESTIONS: There will be an opportunity to post questions (using chat) for the team to see, and we will have dedicated time to interact with each other during the event. Post your questions succinctly, including only the relevant details to get the best possible answer. 

throughout the Mid Atlantic Region of the United States; addressing audiences at Johns Hopkins Hospital, University of Maryland Medical System, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, and George Washington University.  She is also a graduate of Morgan State University. MOMCares is represented on the Baltimore City Mayor's Women's Commission, Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition, Reproductive Health Equity Alliance of Maryland and BCIITY Coalition.

Ana Rodney serves as a Perinatal Mental Health  Consultant for the Baltimore City Health Department. Ana is a current OSI Community Fellow and was named a Baltimore Homecoming Hero in 2019 and a Game Changer by Baltimore Magazine in 2021. Ana has a background in education, teaching in Baltimore city as an artist and English co-teacher between 2006-2014. Finally and most importantly, Ana is mother to Aiden and Asher Rodney, ages 6 and 6 months, respectively.

Ricarra Jones is the Political Director for 1199SEIU, the largest healthcare union in the country. She has spent her career empowering underserved communities and building coalitions to fight for social and economic justice. Ricarra has worked tirelessly to improve the lives and working conditions for low wage workers and successfully led the fight to increase the

Ricarra Jones 

Political Director, 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East

Ricarra Jones.jpg

state's minimum wage to $15. She also spearheaded efforts to ensure full time employees earn paid sick leave. Ricarra is currently working to ensure frontline workers have adequate health and safety protections at work during the pandemic. She is a champion for working families. She serves on the Executive Board of the MD/DC AFL-CIO, Healthcare For All and the Baltimore City Branch of the NAACP. Ricarra received her B.A. from Temple University and her M.P.A. from the University of Baltimore.

2021 Legislative Proposals to be Presented

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